Vic White

I am a multi-media artist, recently graduating from the University of Virginia as a first-generation, low-income student. My recent body of work, including prints, photographs, and other various mediums, delves into the relationship between self-identity, gender, and rebellion, reflecting my journey as a non-binary individual living and growing within these systems. Central to my exploration is the motif of dolls - ubiquitous symbols of socialization linked to heteronormative and patriarchal structures. I employ doll and punk imagery for deconstruction, transformation, and empowerment, aiming to challenge conventional notions of femininity and piety. The punk ethos, with its disregard for conformity, provides a powerful contrast to traditional gender roles. My current focus extends into the dynamics between punk aesthetics and gender presentation beyond binary perspectives. This work explores the fluidity of gender identity, transcending restrictive categories, both materially and conceptually. I'm committed to using my creativity for self-expression and to challenge stereotypes, but also as a vessel to advocate for visibility. I'm excited about the potential of my art to inspire, prompt reflection, and foster solidarity.

Fly Shit, Digital Photo (Shot on Sony a7iii), 2024